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A Beautiful Voice

A Beautiful Voice is released.

It is always strange to work so obsessively on a book, to surrender to the claws it has on your life, and then release it like a balloon, claimed by a gusty wind, and watch it float away. The characters forever frozen in their lines. Their moods, triumphs, disappointments and vulnerabilities out there—exposed—for everyone to see. To like. To bond with. To criticize…

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Summer Reading

Putting the finishing brushstrokes on Jake Travis number six, A Beautiful Voice. Jake is assigned to smuggle a man ashore who can help lock a notorious drug lord behind bars. His low-level job (“You’re as low as we go,” Colonel Janssen smirks at him) delivers shattering repercussions. Kathleen searches for, well, she’s not sure what she is looking for. And Morgan burns the candle at both ends, aiding humanity one misfortunate soul at a time. Publication is slated for mid-fall.

Summer reading shouldn’t be any different than the other three seasons, but it is…

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