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Cooler Than Blood

Susan Blake and Jake shared only one dinner together over a year ago. Yet, it took everything he had to walk away from the mutual attraction. He is committed to Kathleen.

But when Susan calls and says her niece, Jenny Spencer, is missing, Jake springs into action. Jake vows to find Jenny, dead or alive. And if dead, to extract revenge for the young women he would never know. As they tighten the circle on who they think kidnapped Jenny, Kathleen’s security and Jenny’s fate become strangely and irrevocably intertwined.

Unaware that he is planning blackmail to achieve his goal, Kathleen poses a moral question to Jake—a question he cannot ignore. But the implication is clear: What victory is there in finding Jenny if Jake destroys himself, and becomes a man Kathleen could never love?

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The Jake Travis Series

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