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The Second Letter

Robert Lane’s debut novel won the 2015 Independent Book Publishing Associations Benjamin Franklin Award for Best New Voice: Fiction. Foreword Clarion Reviews added: “Jake Travis is a standout sleuth (with) sparkling characters that could remain relevant for years to come.”

Jake is contracted to retrieve a stolen letter that is a vestige from the cold war era. The letter is in possession of Raydel Escobar, who owns three Tamps Bay nightclubs. Jake and Kathleen attend a fundraiser at Escobar’s, where Kathleen instantly forms a relationship with Escobar’s wife, Sophia, and Jake succumbs to Escobar’s charm. As Jake and Garrett pursue the inscrutable Escobar, they discover he is involved in far more than nightclubs. In his reckless pursuit of the letter, Jake stumbles upon a human trafficking ring. He is soon battling to save lives, and to make sense of a second letter, lost for over 50 years.

Part mystery, part romance, and stuffed with the witty repartee that would become Lane’s trademark, The Second Letter resonates with timeless themes.

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The Jake Travis Series

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