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New book now available!

A Different Way to Die, the eighth stand-alone Jake Travis novel, is now available. The original opening chapter, in the event you saw it alluded to in my newsletter and are wondering where it went, didn’t make the final cut. But it served its purpose, for like a...

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A Different Way to Die

“I have a question.” So begins A Different Way to Die, the eighth installment in the Jake Travis series. Jake is asked to investigate a boat fire that took the life of Chris Callaghan. While reconstructing Chris’s life, Jake is drawn into small-town secrets that are...

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The Elizabeth Walker Affair and upcoming newsletters

The Elizabeth Walker Affair will be released June 2. A year and a half in the making, it is equal parts mystery, tragedy and romance.  My writing guns are now turned to Murder in Midnight Cove, coming out in 2021, and my newsletters. The next two newsletters will...

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Reviews of recent books which I’ve enjoyed

Check out my musings on fiction from Michael Connelly, Craig Johnson, Richard Russo, plus laugh-out-loud nonfiction from David Sedaris and an oldie from Randy Wayne White. These book reviews are posted on Goodreads and BookBub. They, and others, will also be included...

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More Summer Reading and The Elizabeth Walker Affair

Why summer? Do we have winter reading? Spring? Do the longer days in some manner make us more introspective? I’ve enjoyed John Knowles’ masterpiece, A Separate Peace, The Nickel Boys, by Colson Whitehead, The Volunteer, by Jack Fairweather, Men Without Woman, by...

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A Beautiful Voice

A Beautiful Voice is released.

It is always strange to work so obsessively on a book, to surrender to the claws it has on your life, and then release it like a balloon, claimed by a gusty wind, and watch it float away. The characters forever frozen in their lines. Their moods, triumphs, disappointments and vulnerabilities out there—exposed—for everyone to see. To like. To bond with. To criticize…

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