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A Different Way to Die

Some secrets are worth dying for. Some deaths are best kept a secret.

Twenty years ago, Christopher Callaghan perished in a boat fire on the west coast of Florida.

Now Christopher’s uncle, Yankee Conrad, has received a medallion belonging to Christopher. A ransom note demands payment in exchange for the truth of what really happened that night. Conrad asks Jake to investigate.

Jake tracks down two women who knew Christopher. But they are guarding secrets, pledges born in the past and honored in the present. He suspects that one of these women is connected to a ring of Russian sleeper agents known as the Network. Jake also believes that Yankee Conrad harbors ulterior motives.

As the shocking truth about Christopher Callaghan’s death is exposed, Jake is caught in a master spy’s deadly web. He battles to save the lives of those who trust him—as well as his own.


The Jake Travis Series

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