Cooler Than Blood

Susan Blake and Jake shared only one dinner together over a year ago. Yet, it took everything he had to walk away from the mutual attraction. He is committed to Kathleen.

But when Susan calls and says her niece, Jenny Spencer, is missing, Jake springs into action. Jake vows to find Jenny, dead or alive. And if dead, to extract revenge for the young women he would never know. As they tighten the circle on who they think kidnapped Jenny, Kathleen’s security and Jenny’s fate become strangely and irrevocably intertwined.

Unaware that he is planning blackmail to achieve his goal, Kathleen poses a moral question to Jake—a question he cannot ignore. But the implication is clear: What victory is there in finding Jenny if Jake destroys himself, and becomes a man Kathleen could never love?


“Gripping and highly enjoyable… Jake is at once a classic noir character…a fascinating protagonist.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews
“Lane delivers a confident, engaging Florida tale with a cast of intriguing characters. A solid, entertaining mystery.”
Kirkus Reviews
“… entertaining and enjoyable.”
“The complex, knotty plot is constantly suspenseful, yet it is only one element in this novel’s appeal. Cooler Than Blood offers a feast of noir shades, details and character foibles, plus an alluring rip-tide sense of danger.”
Florida Weekly
Cooler Than Blood is Lane’s second outing and there’s no sophomore slump here. He evokes the underbelly of West Coast Florida with authority and his protagonist Jake Travis will remind you of another freelancing Florida PI with whom he shares not only nameage, but attitude, savvy, and physical prowess as well. Every bit as satisfying as a Meyers and Coke at the end of the dock at sunset.”
—Les Standiford, author of Water to the Angels
“… an engaging page-turner that leaves you guessing.”
“Jake is a sensational sleuth as he keeps the exhilarating storyline focused… Cooler Than Blood will elate the subgenre audience.”
—Genre Go Round Reviews
“… a real page-turning novel, full of suspense… comparing John D. MacDonald and Robert Lane… I would say that Cooler Than Blood fits today’s time like a glove. I just hope Lane is as prolific as MacDonald.”
“Lane’s work is beautifully literary with a healthy dose of noir. This blending of two seemingly unrelated styles is perfectly crafted to create a work of art you will savor to the last page… you are going to love this author’s work.”

“Lane delivers a tour de force of suspense, intrigue and humor, deftly wrapped in his trademark literary overtones.”
Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine

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