The Elizabeth Walker Affair

“I need to tell you about trumpet.”

When Elizabeth Walker mouths those words to Andrew Keller, a lover she has not seen in twenty years, events beyond their control are swept into motion.

Following the random encounter, Keller—known as The Sofa King of Sarasota for his whacky TV ads—pleads with his old friend, Jake Travis, to arrange a rendezvous with Elizabeth. Jake suspects that there is more to his innocent request. When Andrew is murdered during a robbery, he is asked to investigate. Overcome with guilt, Jake vows to be the “best posthumous friend” he can be.

Jake meets with Elizabeth in a church sanctuary. He senses that she is harboring her own secrets and learns of a tragic accident two decades ago that decimated her family. But as Jake battles his own demons, his past is a roadblock to his and Kathleen’s happiness.

Jake closes in on who killed Andrew Keller and why. As he does, Elizabeth’s quest, Kathleen’s desperate wish, and Jake’s pledge to reinvent himself culminate in the final shattering repercussions of a lost love. Laced with humor and mounting suspense, The Elizabeth Walker Affair is an emotionally engaging mystery. It will linger with you long after the final page.


Winner of The Eric Hoffer Award: Best Mystery/Crime

“Swift-paced and engaging, the standout character is Jake, the book’s narrator, a mysterious and enigmatic sleuth. He is not afraid to reveal his vulnerabilities and is one of the most human, humble, and relatable heroes. Jake’s keen, observant narration drives the book, engaging readers intellectually and emotionally in a maze-like plot that keeps readers guessing. Recommended.”
US Review of Books

“A mystery surrounded by a tragic love affair. Amid crushing drama, vivid scenes inspire a vibrant ambiance.”
Foreword Reviews

“A riveting whodunit. An absorbing crime story.”
Kirkus Reviews

“There’s something compellingly honest and human about Jake’s character and approach to life that draws readers into the thriller with more than a casual dose of psychological inspection. This marriage of psyche and danger permeates all the Jake Travis adventures, but is especially seasoned and well-developed in The Elizabeth Walker Affair, which excels in not only a fast pace, but an added dose of humor.”
Midwest Book Review

“Lane skillfully crafts a compelling story. A captivating main character. An outstanding book.”
Readers’ Favorite

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