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A Different Way to Die

“The story will hook you from the start and is easy to read as a stand-alone. An exciting book and highly recommended.”
Readers’ Favorite

A Different Way to Die is hard to put down…right up to its surprise conclusion. That Lane can create such an expansive story, yet keep the action nonstop, is to his credit. A must for any thriller and mystery enthusiast.”
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Cerebral, suspense filled, and unpredictable. It was with a heavy heart that I turned the last page.”
Readers’ Favorite

“Readers will want more of the irresistible Jake Travis after reading A Different Way to Die, a fun, winding political mystery.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Lane constructs an engaging plot, twisting the story multiple times. A mesmerizing book.”
Reader’s Favorite

“Jake Travis is one of the best leading men to take the thriller fiction stage in years.”
Florida Weekly

Robert Lane - A Different Way to Die

The Elizabeth Walker Affair

Winner of The Eric Hoffer Award: Best Mystery/Crime

“Swift-paced and engaging, the standout character is Jake, the book’s narrator, a mysterious and enigmatic sleuth. He is not afraid to reveal his vulnerabilities and is one of the most human, humble, and relatable heroes. Jake’s keen, observant narration drives the book, engaging readers intellectually and emotionally in a mazelike plot that keeps readers guessing. Recommended.”
US Review of Books

“A mystery surrounded by a tragic love affair. Amid crushing drama, vivid scenes inspire a vibrant ambiance.”
Foreword Reviews

“A riveting whodunit. An absorbing crime story.”
Kirkus Reviews

“There’s something compellingly honest and human about Jake’s character and approach to life that draws readers into the thriller with more than a casual dose of psychological inspection. This marriage of psyche and danger permeates all the Jake Travis adventures, but is especially seasoned and well-developed in The Elizabeth Walker Affair, which excels in not only a fast pace, but an added dose of humor.”
Midwest Book Review

“Lane skillfully crafts a compelling story. A captivating main character. An outstanding book.”
Reader’s Favorite


A Beautiful Voice

Finalist for 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award

“Lane’s prose is both fine and unpretentious. It flirts with wonder and sensuality is ever-present. Eminently consumable, wry and atmospheric, A Beautiful Voice is a perfect thriller that begs for transition to Hollywood.”
Foreword Reviews, Starred Review

“An action packed ride. Hardened by grim experience, Jake is capable of both moral principle and emotional vulnerability.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A riveting romp through angelic voices. a family’s staged demise and a fire that changes everything. A more detailed flavor than thrillers that go for action over depth.”
Midwest Book Review

“An exceptional thriller. The characters are skillfully developed and suspense drips from every scene.”
Reader’s Favorite

“Thrilling and with great plot twists, this is a quick read you won’t forget. Five Stars.”
San Francisco Book Review


Naked We Came

Finalist for the 2017 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Naked We Came is an emotionally austere and endlessly surprising thriller that brings new depth to the Jake Travis series. Replete with the wit and charm that characterizes Lane’s singular style, this is a thriller with heart.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“A psychologically engrossing….thriller. Lane artfully constructs an intricate mystery around the equally complex psychology of the protagonist.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Jake is sharp and humorous. A perfectly imperfect hero. A taunt, tense, psychological thriller with an exciting plot.”
Readers’ Favorite

“This heart-racing thriller is dripping with style.”
Florida Weekly

The Gail Force

Finalist for the 2016 Foreword Reviews INDIES Book of the Year Awards
Readers’ Favorite 2016 Award Finalist for Best Mystery/General

“A powerful rush of suspense. Jake Travis is one of the best leading men to take the thriller fiction stage in recent years. Lane mixes confidence and doubt, steadiness and recklessness, and toughness and sensitivity in engaging proportions.”
—Florida Weekly

“The plot crackles with energy and suspense. The writing is crisp…clever. A consistently entertaining crime thriller.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Travis distinguishes himself amongst other dynamic PI’s in the genre via his pure zest for life, which often presents with a sensual edge. Charm and humor permeate the pages of this surprising thriller. There’s little chance that anyone will turn the last page before developing a craving for the next installment.”
—Foreword Clarion Reviews, Five Stars

The Gail Force is a riveting saga of crime, action, and suspense. Written with a razor-edge wit and a keen sense of impending peril, The Gail Force is a page-turner to the end.”
—Midwest Book Review

“…full of action, great characters, and tips on living a good life. This is one you don’t want to miss.”

“Smart, sassy, satisfying suspense. A writer that entertains and surprises. Characters are well developed and multi-layered.”

The Cardinal’s Sin

Finalist for the 2015 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

“This brilliantly calibrated thriller bests the leading sellers of its genre…A novel that not only entertains but enriches its readership. Lane’s writing is sharp, evocative, and engaging. Lane, through Jake, wrestles questions of cosmological import with skill, outdoing Dan Brown and writers of his ilk as he juggles between theology and mystery.”
—Foreword Clarion Reviews, Five Stars

“A cinematic tale…the prose is confident and clear, and the pacing smooth and compelling…readers will care about its characters. Another entertaining mystery from Lane, possibly his best yet.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Beautifully paced and structured mystery thriller. A strong cinematic element, (an) exciting reading experience…Florida noir at its best. Much of this fine novel provides a moving and sophisticated exploration…in which the killing power of words vies with the powerful finality of the assassin’s craft.”
—Florida Weekly

“…engaging thriller…a compelling, quick-read novel…Jake’s moral struggles are sure to provide more thought than your average thriller on bookshelves today.”
—blueink reviews

Cooler Than Blood

Cooler Than Blood is…gripping and highly enjoyable… Jake is at once a classic noir character…a fascinating protagonist.”
—Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Lane delivers a confident, engaging Florida tale with a cast of intriguing characters. A solid, entertaining mystery.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“…entertaining and enjoyable.”

“The complex, knotty plot is constantly suspenseful, yet it is only one element in this novel’s appeal. Cooler Than Blood offers a feast of noir shades, details and character foibles, plus an alluring rip-tide sense of danger.”
—Florida Weekly

Cooler Than Blood is Lane’s second outing and there’s no sophomore slump here. He evokes the underbelly of West Coast Florida with authority and his protagonist Jake Travis will remind you of another freelancing Florida PI with whom he shares not only nameage, but attitude, savvy, and physical prowess as well. Every bit as satisfying as a Meyers and Coke at the end of the dock at sunset.”
—Les Standiford, author of Water to the Angels

“…an engaging page-turner that leaves you guessing.”

“Jake is a sensational sleuth as he keeps the exhilarating storyline focused…Cooler Than Blood will elate the subgenre audience.”
—Genre Go Round Reviews

“…a real page-turning novel, full of suspense…comparing John D. MacDonald and Robert Lane…I would say that Cooler Than Blood fits today’s time like a glove. I just hope Lane is as prolific as MacDonald.”

“Lane’s work is beautifully literary with a healthy dose of noir. This blending of two seemingly unrelated styles is perfectly crafted to create a work of art you will savor to the last page…you are going to love this author’s work.”

“Lane delivers a tour de force of suspense, intrigue and humor, deftly wrapped in his trademark literary overtones.”
—Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine

The Second Letter

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) 2015 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award Winner
Readers’Favorite Award Winner

“…Lane never loses control of this high-stakes, fast-paced Florida crime-caper. Fans of Michael Connelly, Ace Atkins, and Dennis Lehane will likely find Lane’s book satisfying on how it hits on all the right notes of a truly suspenseful story.”

“…contains splendidly described mayhem…a winning hero in Jake Travis, someone who is super skilled, super fit, glib, oddly bookish, funny as a stiletto…Travis lives in a moral twilight that threatens to plunge him into total darkness.”
—Phil Jason, Florida Weekly

“…a captivating book with lies and deceit as well as love and loss.”
—Readers’ Favorite

“With its solid structure and fast pace, along with a standout sleuth, Lane’s story make a worthy new entry in to the suspense genre…a book whose high-stakes action, mystery, and sparkling characters could easily remain relevant for years to come…the dialogue introduces an appropriate sort of James Bond slickness to the South Florida crime caper…Characterization for that matter, proves to be the most powerful of Lane’s multiple storytelling strengths…”
—Foreword Clarion Reviews, Five Stars

“Lane’s crime thriller features a wisecracking Jacob Travis…with a penchant for breaking the rules…certainly worth the read for fans of the genre…Lane also handily maintains a level of intrigue throughout the book…keeps the story flowing.”

“Robert Lane’s novel, The Second Letter, is an entertaining read fueled by a riveting story featuring a wisecracking, somewhat reluctant hero…Lane’s story is filled with believable, likable characters, witty dialogue and page-turning drama.”

“There’s a new kid on the mystery block. The Second Letter by Robert Lane can settle on the book shelf with other thrillers. Lane not only provides thrills, but does it while keeping his sense of humor…suspense drips from the pages….the reader could not ask for more.”

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