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Below are some songs performed by my band, Mason Alley. I’d like to share them with you. Enjoy!

All music and words by Robert Lane. All songs copyrighted by Robert Lane.

Listen to the song that Rachael Stone sang a few lines of to Jake in chapter 22 of The Elizabeth Walker Affair. Rachael called it one of her favorites that the band performed.

A rock tribute recorded over a 14 hour marathon session. The singer alludes to a clown hiding his feelings, like she does. Her last words, “I’d like to kick the clown,” show her frustration with unrequited love and herself.

A lush melody best suited for a 1940’s nightclub act. She keeps control, until the end when she finally breaks.

Written on a dark and steamy Florida beach at night, like Beyond the Hillside this one belongs in the smoke-filled black and white noir movies of yesterday. A song purposely void of percussion.

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