Searching for Dali


Veronica Stafford has seven days before the date on her calendar in which she’s entered a single word. Die.

Veronica persuades Jake Travis to use those seven days to recover a stolen Salvador Dali painting. If Jake is successful, she will gift ten million dollars to Harbor House, a refugee center operated by Jake and his friend Morgan. Eager to make his wife, Kathleen, and two young daughters proud of him, Jake accepts the deal.

But Jake is not the only one searching for the Dali. Demos, a flamboyant and shady art dealer, is also in pursuit of the painting. Jakes learns that Demos won’t hesitate to use violence to achieve his goals.

Jake forges ahead when a man with ties to the Dali is murdered. He doesn’t retreat when threats are made against Kathleen. With time running out, his actions become more desperate and the consequences more dire. In searching for the stolen Dali, is he just losing himself?

Praise for Searching for Dali

“Snappy, clever dialogue. Even the speediest readers will be surprised how quickly the pages breeze by. One-liners will have readers chuckling. A fun series entry with a healthy dollop of comedy and plenty of page-turning suspense.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Riveting in its exploration of self and moral value. It adds layers of understanding for prior readers but requires no previous familiarity with Jake’s relationships in order to prove equally engrossing for newcomers.”
Midwest Book Review
“It hooks you at the beginning and keeps you guessing. Fast paced and lightened by Jake’s sense of humor, Searching for Dali is a compelling and suspenseful page-turner. Five stars.”
Readers’ Favorite
“This accomplished tenth installment blends literary and suspense. A fast-paced and atmospheric tale. There is physical and emotional danger to be evaded by entangled relationships, and Lane deftly weaves a story that allows glimpses into those dark corners.”
“A compelling literary detective novel. The writing is dramatic and gripping with sentences that sound like jazz and evocative phrases sprinkled with poetic language. The stylized dialogue is snappy and memorable. Clever banter is infused with wry humor. The book leads to a dramatic showdown, the ending rich and impactful. Searching for Dali untangles a mystery with panache and real artistry.”
Foreword Reviews

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